How To Access Steam Screenshot Folder

Steam is software for video games, owned by Valve that enables the user with installation and auto-updating of video games with cloud saving facilities and in-game voicing and chats functionality. It started in 2010, and now offers Mac games and Linux Games (since 2012).

With Steam, you can take and share screenshots of your favorite game very easily and in very less time.

Why Take Screenshots With Steam?

Steam cloud storage is of 1GB in size which is huge storage to keep pictures of your best gaming memories. You can show off your highest records to your friends or keep them as a memory in your PC. The choice is on you! 😀

How To Take A Screenshot While Gaming?

To take a screenshot while you’re playing, you just have to press the default key binding of F12 (by default). The procedure is very simple. By pressing the F12 key, the Steam Overlays to take screenshots and you get the picture you need. Now, you have to publish it in your Steam Community account and then publish the screenshot on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.

How To Save Screenshots With Steam?

The new Screenshot Manager system allows you to upload your screenshot while playing the game. Or you can save it for late upload here. To customize the screenshot hotkey, you have to visit the In-Game section of Steam Settings.

Where Do Your Screenshots Go After You Take Them With Steam?

First of all, close the game where you took the screenshot and open it again. Now press the Shift key and the Tab key to access the Steam menu. Go to the screenshot manager and click the icon saying “SHOW ON DISK”. Bingo! Welcome to The screenshot home.

How To Access The Steam Screenshot Folder?

Now coming to the phase where the main problem occurs. Maximum gamers complain that they cannot open their Steam Community Overlay. Well, for this case, let me enlighten you by saying that the Overlay interface will not open by pressing its default shortcuts (Shift+Tab).

To access it properly, the first thing you have to do is, to make sure that the Overlay is enabled and your default keys are correct. Detailed instructions are provided down below.

The overlay is a supporting component of the game you’re playing. It will close automatically as soon as your system will face a heavy load.

Make sure that your system is in a fine state by upgrading all the major drives, limiting the number of background programs running during the gameplay, updating your OS to its latest version.

Open the System Client and go to Steam>Settings/Preferences>In-game tab. Check the box which is next to Enable the system Overlay while In-game.

Another process is, right-click on the game in your computer > Properties (under the general tab). Check the box which is next to Enable the system Overlay while In-game.

Final Word

We all know that gamers are very creative in nature. The Steam Screenshot facility allows them to remember their art-filled gaming days and keep them prized in their cupboards.

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