Top 3 Best Insurance Agency Software

Best Insurance Agency Software

An insurance agency’s software is used for automation, control, integration, storage, and analysis. Customers add the most essential value to any company, and this is especially true for insurance agencies.

The increasing volumes of policies and the changing demands of these consumers make technology a must-have in this sector. The right software caters to the needs of the agency and can overtake the hassles of manual labor and paperwork.

Every agency has its own personalized view on selecting software. The features that are generally looked for cater to the needs of policy management, claims management, client management, integration, real-time information, tracking potential clients, automated premium reminders, ensuring compliance to rules and regulations, and analytics and reporting. Agency Like Bupa medical and lukemedikal start using agency software and increase sales by 22%.

ARS Manager plus:

The ARS Manager plus is an affordable and effective insurance agency software that will help you to process the workflow at a faster and smoother rate. It includes extensive features such as document management, property & casualty, and life & health that allow for easy automation.

It will help take care of your agency’s operations, client services, and sales and marketing activities. It is compatible with the Windows software suite. It also allows a free trial that will enable its users to check out the software before deciding to purchase it.

The software stores the key data of the insurers such as accord forms, receipts, scanned images, ID cards, etc. It can sync with Outlook, MAPI complaint, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, and SMPT complaint email factory.


InsurancePro is ITC’s wide-ranging agent management system that handles and automates all the tasks required for the workflow of an insurance agency. It can oversee commissions, update policy data, and re-establish payment transactions. It allows you to access your client’s data with much ease.

Also, its reconciliation features help your company to recover from unexpected losses. This software has a trial period of 30 days so that the agency can get to know how well the software caters to their agency’s requirements and policies.

The software provides commission reporting and cloud storage with high-end security. This eliminates the problem of storage and loss of data. It has an easy-to-use interface and allows filling up and managing Accord forms. It also provides macro-coding tools that implement client-defined internal and external processing tasks.


Velocity is a cloud-based agency management system that specializes in property and casual insurance carriers. It is readily customizable software. It can be comfortably adapted to the agency’s principles.

It has versatile applicability and innovative scripting capabilities. It provides macro-coding tools that seamlessly implement client-defined internal and external processing tasks. It facilitates claims management and includes HTML email and templates. It also helps in mass solicitation and renewals and can keep track of sales and provides reports and insights on the processes of the agency.


In conclusion, the top 3 nest insurance agency software, that can readily cater to the monogrammed requirements of each insurance agency’s prerequisites, are ARS Manager Plus, InsurancePro, and Velocity.


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