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Best RGB Fans 2023 – Reviews (120mm, 140mm, 200mm)

Being a gamer and PC builder, I know how important it is to have case fans. You can get non-RGB case fans or RGB case fans.

Nowadays, most of the gamers and enthusiast PC builders pick RGB case fans. So, if you want to buy RGB case fans for your PC then read this guide before buy.

In this post, I have picked the top 6 best RGB case fans which will give you great performance and low noise. A good fan will make a lot of difference in the better performance of your PC by regulating better airflow and cooling processes.

You should not buy those fans that are not good at performance, quality. If you do overclock and video rendering you should have a good cooling system to keep your PC cool.

However, It’s not an easy task to choose a good RGB fan for a newbie. Before buying a fan you should check the case size, fans bearing, RGB controlling option, etc.

Best RGB Case Fans – Which You Should Buy?

Corsair LL Series RGB120mm
Thermaltake Pure Plus 12 RGB120mm
Corsair ML120 Pro120mm
Corsair HD120120mm
NZXT RF-AR120- T1120mm
Antec Prizm 120 ARGB120mm

1. Corsair LL Series RGB – (Editor’s Choice)

Corsair LL Series RGB Case Fan
  • Size: 120mm
  • Noise Level: 24.8 dB

If you are looking for an RGB fan with excellent performance and low noise, then the corsair LL series is for you.

Corsair LL Series RGB fans offer high performance and efficient cooling solutions. But the price is a little bit high as you are getting the fans from the most popular brand Corsair.

Corsair LL Series RGB fans are packed with 16 independent RGB LEDs in every blade. These lights are divided into two different light loops. There are four LEDs in fixed on the hub of the fan. Remaining 12 LEDs surround the outer loop of the fan on the front side. This makes the fans look great.

It is a  PWM control fan which helps you to control the fans speed easily. You can easily control the fans speed between 600 RPM to 1500 RPM. This fan is designed for low noise without compromising the performance.

This fan is also very easy to install in your case. If you want to control the RGB lighting then you need to buy Corsair Lighting Node Pro. They look great in a transparent case or an all-glass case.

What I like
  • Noiseless while operating
  • Amazing looks with uniquely designed led’s and blades
  • Easy installation (the guide is provided within the box)
  • Keep things cool with good airflow
What I don't like
  • High in price
  • It is difficult to set up manually in software.

2. Thermaltake Pure Plus 12 RGB

Thermaltake Pure Plus 12 RGB Case Fan
  • Size: 120mm
  • Noise Level: 25.8 dB

Thermaltake pure plus 12 RGB is somehow a perfect and advanced RGB fan. It comes along with extraordinary RGB lighting effects and impressive software. Its qualities make it a perfect replacement RGB fan for your dull radiator fan.

When you will unbox the package, you will be amazed by its bewildering design and solid structure. It has pushed its boundaries in terms of best performance without leaving behind its stunning presentation. All its information about the installation and working are given on the box that will make it easy for you to access it.

All the key factors and description points of the product are properly written on the front side of the box making it convenient for the customer.

Its main feature includes the working of its 9 blade technology. This technology works accurately by minimizing the heat and maximizing the airflow. This maximized airflow results in great cooling performance even at maximum workload. It comes along with a quiet functioning system that is convenient and easy to install for its customer.

They are available in the market in a triple fan pack with its own digital RGB controller. Overall, this product will stand high to your expectations through its stunning design and high-performance quality. You can evaluate this product better by its following pros and cons:

What I like
  • Works quietly with their low noise technology
  • The system works efficiently with anti-vibrating mounting technology
  • Fast and commendable cooling performance
  • Impressive designs and LED lighting
What I don't like
  • It’s expensive

3. Corsair ML12O Pro:

Corsair ML12O Pro RGB Case Fan
  • Size: 120mm
  • Noise Level: 18dB

Corsair ML120 pro is one of the best RGB fans of the corsair ML series. It’s main objective is to provide great quality through higher airflow that will lead to better cooling and quiet functionality through its noiseless design.

The makers of this fan have achieved all their objectives through its almost frictionless operation. It is packed with some great performance qualities as it comes along with its own commander controller and a fully configured RGB treatment. This allows you to configure the speed of the fans along with the colors and animation features of RGB fans by using the Corsair Link Software.

While considering its design qualities, these fans will not lower your expectations. Each fan is designed with the rubber padded corners that encircle around the regular ML120.

All these fans come within the same composite frames with the tone color of grey and neutral black shades. These shades do not clash with other RGB led lightings. These led lights are also designed perfectly as they are not harsh or over brightening to the eyes and are retina-searing. They look classy and impressive making the functioning of these RGB fans more spot-on.

The Performance level of corsair ML120 Pro is also considerably remarkable that will provide you a great experience while working on your PC. The sophisticated led lights make it a terrific hardware product.

If you are looking for fans that will make your PC works faster without any interruption, then you can consider them as your first choice. These fans not only look cool but also make your PC cool with their highly impressive massive airflow functioning. The amazing and quiet sound of the spinners along with wonderful cooling effect. As concluded it is a power packed product that is worth its higher cost.

For better consideration, you should check some of its pros and cons:

What I like
  • Superior quality
  • Noiseless working
  • A magnificent design that allows good air flow
  • Classy and sassy led lightings.
What I don't like
  • High in price
  • Hardware system with too many wires
  • Difficult and fussy to install.

4. Corsair iCUE SP120 RGB Pro:

Corsair HD120 RGB LED Case Fan
  • Size: 120mm
  • Noise Level: 26dB

Corsair has taken its fan technology to the next level through its amazing designs and unique color combination technology.

They have provided their consumers with the best quality of RGB fans and a great variety of choices through a wide range of color combinations.

PC builders can now change their PC’s color scheme by following some simple steps through the Corsair HD120 RGB Led Fans technology.

Talking about the features of these RGB fan series, it has some amazing features that make it different from other RGB fans. These features include rubber vibration dampers on the corners of HD120 led fans and installed PWM (PULSE WIDTH MODULATION) fan speed controller.

They contain a hub of 6- way RGB fans and three buttoned corsair fan controller. They are used to control the functioning of 12 frames mounted RGB LEDs. It should be considered that they cannot be controlled through the PC or by their own software link package.

It contains a huge array of 8 different color shades including red, orange, white, yellow, green, violet and blue. In spite of this, it includes an additional feature of color mode that cycles through all the adjacent colors.

The user can also choose between the other options of color shades that include color modes like flicker, fade, static, marquee and rainbow and other. Their performance level and low noise levels make it a worthy RGB fan. It is a value for money product that will stand high to your expectations. For a better conclusion, you can consider its following pros and cons:

What I like
  • The bright and vibrant color shades
  • Comes along with easy to install kit
  • You can run different modes through different options.
  • You can connect more fans as the controllers have room for 3 more fans.
What I don't like
  • LEDs don’t have a turn off the option
  • Software control is absent
  • The brightness of the led cannot be managed or changed.

5. NZXT RF-AR120-T1:

NZXT RF-AR120-T1 RGB Case Fan
  • Size: 120mm
  • Noise Level: 31dB

This series of fans will not lose any chance of impressing you. Their solid fans, noiseless operation, and light customization technology will make you believe in it. Let’s start by talking about its fan structure; fans are designed along with solid square frames of dimensions 120 * 120 * 25mm.

These frames are made of black matte plastic that makes them look amazing. Not only this, these frames come along with rubber dampers that reduce the vibration of fans while working. You can see specifically engineered light guides that are installed in the front side of the frames that leads to even light dispersion from 8 leds.

Overall, the product is superior in quality and will provide satisfaction to its customers. The appearance of the product is an add-on feature to the product. NZXT RF – AR120 RGB fans promise their customers to provide great money value for product. Here are some pros and cons of the product:

What I like
  • Astonishing lighting effects
  • Is quiet reasonable
  • The software is somehow easy to use.
What I don't like
  • Fussy wiring system
  • Slightly unmanageable installation.

6. Antec Prizm 120 ARGB (5 pack):

Antec Prizm 120 ARGB Case Fan
  • Size: 120mm
  • Noise Level: 32.6dB

This series of RGB fans has their main focus on performance, stylishness, and silence of their quality product. Antec Prizm 120 ARGB system supports the functioning of a dual ring of addressable RGB LEDs. They are compatible with software like ASUS Aura Sync, ASRock Polychrome RGB, etc.

In addition to this, they are designed with 18 LEDs that can be controlled independently. The PWM fan model is used that is known for its controlled heat decadence. This system utilizes the hydraulic bearing operation that makes its working ultra quiet.

They have taken their quality levels very strictly that makes it a high grade product. Specification and details of installations are given on its box that helps the customer in understanding its mechanism of installation.

The Antec Prizm ARGB fans work harmoniously in the field of performance, style, and technology. It’s astounding cooling performance, perfectly designed LED style and noiseless technology makes it one of the best RGB fans in the market. This product is highly reliable and is also easy to install.

You can have a look over some of its pros and cons for detailed evaluation:

What I like
  • The product is worth the prize
  • Easy installation
  • Well managed and functioning LEDs
  • Good quality fan blades
What I don't like
  • High in cost
  • Nothing extraordinary in terms of quality

Final Word

These are the best RGB fans available in the market today. You can choose any as per your preference and you won’t be disappointed. Using any one of these extensive range of RGB fans will surely uplift the performance of your CPU. So, what are you waiting for. Go and purchase your perfect CPU fan online today.

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