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Best Z390 Motherboard For Gaming of 2022

Best Z390 Motherboard

So you have decided to build your gaming PC using Z390 motherboard. But don’t know which Z390 motherboard would be best for your build.

Well, In this guide we have picked the top 6 best z390 motherboards which will cost you $150 to $300. All motherboards that we have reviewed are best for gaming, and overclocking. These motherboards have good VRM. You should pick a motherboard for your build according to your needs.

All motherboards in this list will support Intel 8th and 9th generation processors. So, if you are building your PC using these Intel processors such as i5 12600k, i7 12700k, and i9 12900k these boards will be perfect.

Check the list of the top 6 best Z390 motherboards. Also, we have compared these boards so check the comparison chart as well. Don’t choose a board based on our ranking. You should pick based on your needs. In 2021, Intel launched 12th gen Alder lake CPUs which support the Z690 chipset motherboard.

List Of Best Z390 Motherboard

NameChipsetForm Factor (Size)Price
Gigabyte Z390 AORUS ULTRAZ390ATX
Asus ROG Strix Z390-EZ390ATX
Asus PRIME Z390-AZ390ATX
MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Edge ACZ390ATX

Best Z390 Motherboard Comparison Chart

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Reviews Of Top 6 Best Z390 Motherboard For Overclocking and Gaming

1. Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Ultra – Best Z390 Motherboard With 12+1 VRM

Gigabyte is a prominent company dealing with motherboards for quite a long time. They have launched the latest Z390 motherboard that is multi-dimensionally efficient to provide you with comfortable computing. There are some interesting features of the motherboard.

The Aorus Ultra is a Z390 motherboard that supports the latest processors like the Intel Core 8th Gen and 9th Gen. Thus; you can easily assemble a smart PC setup.

The combination the Direct Touch Heatpipe and wider thermal pads make sure that optimum heatsink is present in the motherboard. As a gamer or overclocker, you can use your PC for long periods of time. A cool motherboard is always expected to serve you for a longer period of time.

The feature of Smart Fan 5 is included in the Aorus Ultra which leads the motherboard to work desirably while keeping cool. The users can easily change the headers of the fans present in the motherboard. There are several thermal sensors present in the motherboard upon which these fans can be reflected upon. The users can easily get the exact details of the temperature.

A gaming PC needs outstanding strength. The Aorus comes with strong armor which is a unique feature when compared to the other motherboards. Different parts of the motherboard are covered by the armor like the memory armor, I/O Shield armor and PCIe armor. You can be sure about the durable protection.

The M. 2 SSD devices are comprised of an outstanding thermal solution. Due to the high-speed execution, the M.2 SSD devices develop heat. The thermal solutions ensure that the heat is minimized.

A number of digital LED lamps are present in the motherboard from Gigabyte. It gives your PC an outstanding look. You can easily customize your system for gaming as the lights are prominently customizable. Get access to the app of RGB Fusion to change the colors according to your desire.

You can get the solution like the m12+1 phase VRM in the digital style. With this feature, the motherboard becomes more effective to be used as gaming purpose. Other applications can also be easily done with this motherboard.

What I like
  • Supports Multi GPU
  • 12+1 Phases Digital VRM with DrMOS
  • Advanced Thermal Design with Direct Touch Heatpipe
What I don't like
  • I don’t like the BIOS

2. Asus ROG Strix Z390-E

Asus is one of the leading brands dealing with the computer and computing components. The ROG Stix Z390-E is basically a gaming motherboard that helps to provide the user with the enhancement of outstanding gaming. Simultaneously, one can get exciting computing features with it too.


The Asus ROG Strix Z390-E supports both the 8th and 9the generation processors of Intel Core. Thus, it is able to deliver outstanding connectivity. The users can get total gaming experiences due to the presence of AI Interclocking.

The Gamer’s Guardian is present in the Asus ROG Stikx Z390-E. It enhances the longer life of the other components of the system. Other advantages of the Gamer’s Guidance are the overcurrent protection and ESD Guards.

The motioned motherboard has a comprehensive design as well as cooling options. It can be easily configured by the UEFI BIOS and the Fan Xpert 4. Two PWM/DC fans are present in the motherboard to ensure the CPU to cool properly. A PWM/DC header is present for the setup of water-cooling. Another header is present which ensures the supply of 3A to the DC and PMW water pumps.

In case of sound, the motherboard also outstands. It is studded with an audio solution that is totally integrated. The Supreme FX is the audio solution. Moreover, utilization of the S1220A codec is done in the case of this motherboard. This helps to deliver the response of the sound signature in details.

5-way optimization is one of the main features of the motherboard. The thermal telemetry can be easily predicted by the motherboard as CPU overclocking can be done properly. Moreover, faster results of overclocking are ensured.

The ROG Strix from Asus stands apart in case of aesthetics too. LED bulbs are present in the motherboard that ensures promising outlooks after the installation.

As a user, you can get outstanding sharing resistance and device retention facilities as the SafeSlot is present in the motherboard.

Another interesting feature that the motherboard has is the presence of a ready-to-use I/O shield. It is pre-mounted to the motherboard. This makes the ROG Strix easily installable.

What I like
  • Easily installable motherboard
  • DIY setup quite clear to understand
  • 5- Way optimization setup
  • Exceptional speed and DRAM Overclocking enabled
What I don't like
  • No cashing is enabled
  • Chances of quality problems can be there
  • Motherboards unable to remember the BIOS setting


Looking for the best motherboard for enhanced computing experience you can easily choose the MSI MEG Z390 ACE. It is studded with several outstanding features. As a user, you can expect complete efficiency of the motherboard to be compatible with the other components of the system. It supports the 8th Gen Intel core/ Celeron Processors and Pentium Gold.


The transfer performance of the computer can easily speed up to 32GB/s due to the presence of the triple turbo M.2. It is able to deliver PCI-E Gen 3×4 performance. The Shield Frozr of M.2 enhances the low heat of the SSDs. Therefore, the user can easily get maximum performance from the drive.

The presence of the Mystic Light Infinity enhances the personalization of the user’s PC. You can dramatically improve the aesthetic outlook of your PC. The Mystic Light Infinity gives you vast options for light shades to choose from.

The MSI MEG Z390 ACE can serve as a wonderful gaming motherboard due to the varied efficiencies it has got. A well-functioning LAN port is present in the motherboard to ensure that the user can enjoy online gaming. You can connect both Wifi and Bluetooth of the computer machine to other devices with the help of the LAN port.

The MSI motherboard comes with an explicit quality audio processor. The ESS DAC feature is present in the motherboard. The ALC1220 processor dedicatedly delivers you high definition of sound. The audio capacitors are present in the motherboard too. To enhance the quality and amplification of the sound the golden audio jacks are present. These jacks are all comprised of the S/ PDIF feature.

Cooling facilities of the motherboard are efficient. Excellent cooling helps promote the longevity of the motherboard and any other component present in the PC.

The motherboard is crafted with a game boost button. These help you to shift to one of the 8 preset gears that are responsible for the maximum gaming facilities.

I/O Shielding is pre-mounted on the motherboard. Therefore, the procedure of installation of the motherboard becomes easier. The damage of the motherboard can be easily avoided by the help of this motherboard.

What I like
  • The motherboard supports all modern machinery components and processors
  • Efficiency increases due to smart cooling
  • Extreme overclocking can be done
  • Hardcore gaming motherboard
What I don't like
  • No tools for the removal of the mounting screw
  • Lazy designing


The MPG Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon AC is a motherboard created by MSI keeping in mind the gaming enthusiasts. The motherboard is comprised of such features that can be beneficial for the gamers. If you spend long hours in front of your PC, the Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon AC can be your best choice.


When it comes to compatibility, the Gaming Pro Carbon AC can support both the 9th and 8th generations of the Intel Core Processors. Other processors like the Platinum Gold and the Celeron Processors are also supported well.

The M.2 Shield Frozr is present on the processor to control on the heatsink of the motherboard. Often the SSDs can lag in terms of the speed while getting hot. In such scenarios, the Shield Frozr puts a heatsink over the M.2 SSD. This helps the SSDs to retain the speed and work effectively.

Audio features are outstanding in case of the Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon AC by the MSI MPG has got many components installed. The audio processor that is installed in the motherboard is ALC1220. The Isolated circuitry or audio promotes the quality of the sound dramatically. Moreover, the capacitors used for the audio purpose are of outstanding quality. In the case of gaming, it is vital for the sound to be amplified properly. Excellent amplifiers are attached to the motherboard.

The AC speed in case of the motherboard elevates to a decent height due to the presence of the Intel Wifi 1.73G. The technology that the Bluetooth lotion uses is known as MU-MIMO. It is the most advanced technology related to connectivity.

The Mystic light application comes complimentary with the motherboard. to enhance the gaming environment, the Gaming Carbon AC motherboard is studded with a set of smart LED lights. You can easily change the shades and setup of the lights. The lights are strong and can deliver you the ultimate pleasure while gaming in a dark room.

Intel LAN is present in the motherboard for the enhancement of connectivity. I/O shielding is pre-mounted which eases the process of assembling the system.

What I like
  • Supports the older generations of the Intel Processors too
  • Multiple CPUs can be connected
  • Many CPU fans can be used with the motherboard
What I don't like
  • SATA cables do not work properly
  • Lights might sometimes get problematic

5. Asus PRIME Z390-A – Best Budget Z390 Motherboard

Are you the one who is looking for an advanced computer motherboard that is both efficient for computing and gaming? Well, the Asus Prime Z390- A can be the best processor for you. This motherboard belongs to the latest Z390 series and it is compatible with many processors. A set of unique features for the Asus Prime Z390-A are given below.


The Prime Z390-A is a gaming cum computing motherboard from the house of Asus compatible with the latest Intel Core generations.

This motherboard serves fit for rigorous gaming and overclocking. The feature of 5-way optimization helps in enhancing the working capacity of the CPU by minimizing the heat. The overclocking results are instant for the motherboard.

The Xpert 4 Fans are present in the motherboard that is able to work boldly on the thermal sensors. Cooling optimization can be done completely by you as the user thus; you can have total control over the health of the motherboard.

In terms of connectivity, probably very few motherboards are like the Asus Prime. The combination of M.2, x4 PCI Express, and 3.0/2.0 bandwidth ensures that the data transfer speeds up to 32 Gbps.

Moreover, the type-C and type-A ports of the USB 3.1 are present in the system to ensure total connectivity comfort.

The audio feature of the motherboard is outstanding as the codec design is present in the system. The stereo line-out in case the motherboard is up to 120 dB signal-to-noise. The Realtech S1220A is present in case of the motherboard.

You can also expect a sound sensing circuit to be attached to the motherboard. It helps the sound to optimize automatically wherever needed. In the case of gaming, you might have the optimum comfort while listening to the game sounds.

The Prime Z390-A is a trendy motherboard that has a designed LED setup that can glow in different shades. You can easily control it by the application in your Smartphone. The RGB application will help you extensively to have total control over the LED lights of the motherboard. The LEDs belongs to the Asus Aura.

What I like
  • The I/O shield is present in the motherboard
  • Heatsink feature is present
  • The DIY of installation is quite easy
What I don't like
  • Presence of 4 pin headers that are non-accessible
  • RGB lights are not pluggable

6. MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Edge AC

Have you always craved for an advanced gaming motherboard that gives you all the desirable features for life-like gaming? Well, the MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Edge AC can be your choice. It is an advanced gaming motherboard which you can use exponentially for longer hours.


The heatsink is one of the most vital things to look for in a motherboard. More the motherboard is cool, more it can deliver productivity. In case of this motherboard, the heatsinks are placed in the top. Total thermal dissipation is what you can expect with the help of the motherboard.

In the case of memory, it can be well compatible with the DDR4 memory of dual channel. So, you must not panic about the memory issues of the motherboard.

There are a lot of processors with which the mentioned motherboard can be completely compatible with. Both 9thgen and 8th gen of Intel Core can run with the motherboard.

As the name goes the MPG Z390 Gaming Edge AC can deliver you the comfort in gaming to its edge. The presence of the I/O shielding in the pre-mounted condition can make the process of installation lucid.

The Multi-GMU facility is available in case of the motherboard that helps you play multiplayer games conveniently.

As a user, you can get total convenience in case of connectivity. there are outstanding Wifi and Bluetooth systems available in the motherboard. It can deliver the AC speeds to an exponential level of 1.73 Gbps.

LED lights in the various motherboards are the latest trends in the present day. The NZ390 Gaming Edge AC has a full setup LED lights installed in it. There are 29 eye-catchy effects of the LED. You can control over the lights with the help of a certified application via your Smartphone.

Prominently decent audio output can be expected by the mentioned motherboard. The presence of the ALC1220 audio processor makes it possible. Moreover, the outstanding quality of capacitors is also present in the motherboard.

The system booting is one of the main things to expect from a gaming PC. You will be able to get outstanding booting facilities due to the presence of dual M.2 slots.

What I like
  • The motherboard is quite fast at work given the features
  • Complete comfort in gaming is enhanced
  • Excellent BIOS
What I don't like
  • Ram installation might be a problem
  • DRAM failure might occur


So, these are the best Z390 motherboards for Intel 8th and 9th generation processors. There are a number of excellent features in each of the motherboards. You can see that the majority of the features are similar to one another. Consider your budget and brand fascination while buying a motherboard.

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