Google Introduced New Options and Tools

Google is looking for adding extra options in the product information which will allow the businesses or brands to briefly describe their products or services. The brief description will be a part of the search results related to the topic. This option makes the users to have control over their products’ information.

Google also added extra interactive elements for the users just like the Google Maps which can directed by following a business or brand. Google has been working on its social media platform known as the Google+ which has not received that much attention like the other top social media platforms. In order to revive that platform Google is looking for adding social media tools for the businesses to promote their products or services.

It is trying to attract businesses around the world by improving its approach to its social media platform. This will help Google+ to compete in the market with the other social media platforms.

If we just take the online searches then it is no doubt that Google leads the way but when it comes to businesses, products and services then other social media platforms are doing well than Google. Facebook has reach about billion searches per day which are related to people, groups, products and all kinds of brands. SimiarlyInstagram mainly handles visual content and stories. However, marketers get benefit of buying Instagram followers to refine search content and produce better results.

This is why the main reason behind the addition of extra social tools inside the Google will allow the platform to compete with other platforms and will also allow the users to involve their businesses with this platform. Along with this Google has also introduced a better analytical tool for the users to be able to analyze their ads. It shows that how the ads of their products and services are doing.

The main options of this analytical tool are Performance trends, Insights on Products and Product Group. The Performance trends will elaborate the top performing products and the important changes being made in the overall performance of the product and its price. The Insight on Products shows us the search trends for the specific products and their price trends. The Product Group describes the brands and their products which are in competition with your brand or are related to the type of your brand.

All these tools and additional options allows the businesses and brands to be able to control their presence in the online world. This will benefit the brands so that they can improve their results. The platform can use it search engine power to attract businesses and brands around the world by just adding additional options. These additional options will benefit the brands to make them more visible to the online world. This will result in better performance of the platform and as well as the brands and business which are using this platform to reach the audience. These changes can also help to improvise the Google’s social media platform which would be able to compete in the social media market.


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