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How to Black Text on 4Chan

It is quite good to give synopsis about certain television shows  and movies in a particular application. However, certain Key plot points are known to spoil away the surprise price of the users. In order to maintain the curiosity of the general public, the spoiler text Must be coloured in black. The effect of the black coloured background makes sure that certain text is not readable but all for the user.

How to Spoiler on 4chan

  • Using your web browser, browse 4chan website
  • now select the boards from the list of all boards
  • Choose the reply option.
  • Type your name, subject and email id in the display the text field.
  • Type spoiler in the comment section in order to launch the spoiler tag.
  • Colour the required words with black background so that they don’t have appear on the screen anymore.
  • Type spoiler and close the contacts and subsequently hit submit 4chan to end the process.

4chan is basically an image board website in which anyone can randomly post reviews about movies games and television shows. The website was initially launched in 2003 and it eventually became famous with the wide variety of features that let you manage games, fitness, music, and video games from a single platform. The site has been selected with sub cultures and project chanology.

Website receives sufficient amount of traffic because of the posted content and reviews which provokes media attention. The platform has been serving customers several ways. It has been known to expose animal abuse threats and boiling to the public and coordinating attacks against rest of the website.

Any random user is allowed to post comment or share an imagery in the website. There are different boards dedicated for different topics such as animation, video games, Japanese culture, photography and others. You don’t have to register yourself for posting the comment or imagery in the website. As long as you can formula arise yourself with the rules and regulations of the website, you are free to express what your heart says.

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