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10 Best iOS 14 Home Screen Ideas Aesthetic and Customization Tips

iOS 14 Home Screen Ideas

Your iPhone or iPad is one of the most important things in your daily life. Now make it look more stylish with the amazing 10 iOS 14 Home Screen Ideas and Customization Tips.

After applying those tips, you will also find your iPhone or iPad easy to use. In addition, you can easily remove unwanted apps or add wanted ones. You will surely enjoy the given tips and find the tutorial article productive.

First, let’s have a look at iOS 14 Home Screen Ideas and later will share the top 10 best iOS 14 customization tips.

iOS 14 Home Screen Ideas Aesthetic

Top 10 iOS 14 Home Screen Customization Tips

1. Easy wallpaper changing:

Wallpaper is one of the most attractive things for any device. So your iPhone or iPad is not an exception. Now you can change your wallpaper on the home screen or lock screen easily as you want. Now you may be thinking how will you change your wallpaper. Don’t worry my friend, it is one of the easiest tasks. 

Go to the settings of your iPad or iPhone. Then press on the wallpaper option and then select the new wallpaper. Here you can choose your favourite photograph, live wallpaper or any video wallpaper.

2. Manage application on the home page:

Sometimes most people love to see a clear home screen while using their iPhone. In that case, one can easily hide the shortcut of any application from the home screen. In this way, you can also keep the useful application or records on the home screen and hide the unwanted ones. 

To do this you just have to tap to hold on to the desired application until it starts shaking. Then just click on the dots to avail customize option and then the checkmark option to hide it. One can also remove any application by tapping to hold it and then pressing the ( – ) option.

3. Easy to use app library:

To keep your home screen hustle free you may remove any application but install it anytime from the app library of your iOS device. App library is the shelter of installed apps on your device. It automatically divides all the apps into various document cases according to their categories like networking websites, fruitful, amusing applications or anything else.

One can also access the app library of the device in two different ways. The first one is normal using another one is dock form. The dock form is customizable. As one can go to the settings option and then go to the home screen. Thereafter turn on or off the show app library in the docks option as per you want. If your dock option is turned off then the icon can also be removed from the home screen page.

4. On Focus status to change home screen page:

Focus mode in any iOS device is one of the most interesting parts. It helps to focus on the wanted application. It will only show you that page and will blur the unwanted one. Such as if someone will be on reading focus mode then there will only reading-related applications will be shown on the page of your home screen. 

To enable this option first you have to go on settings, then choose the focus option, then choose the desired profile. Next, go to the home screen and customize the page or widgets as per your preference.

5. Divide application using colour code:

Putting all the same coloured apps in one place is an attractive feature on the IOS home screen. As an example, all apps which have a red colour icon will be on a single home screen. And all green apps will be on another home screen. You can also do the same process with the folders. It is also a simple way to find the app you need at that particular time. 

To make all the same apps place together you just have to touch and hold the app icon. Then drag it to a different page or put it on the same page.

6. Set out the intention of the folder:

Generally, most of the folder’s name is set by default like music, messages, camera etc. It might be old fashioned. But now it’s time to make some changes to it. According to the new feature of the IOS home screen, you can rename the folders to use it. For example, we all know the music folder which is now too old. So we can make it change the name from music to listen to folder. Not only the pronoun you can apply but also other verbs like play, image, and share as a folder name.

To change the folder name you just have to follow some quick steps. First, touch on a folder to select it. Then you can find rename option, and select it. Press folder name and put the new name. It will finish here. After that, you can easily find the result, that your folder name has been updated.

7. Get the option of using emoji names:

You may like emojis for their unique design. You can simply use those emojis as your folder name. Here also you have to go through the same process as no.6. Chose the best emoji which can go with your folder name.

8. Remove unnecessary apps to keep the home screen clean

iPhone only shows the installed applications on the home screen. But with the latest technology, you can remove the unnecessary apps and store them in the app library. By this, there will only needful applications on your home screen and it will look neat & clean. However, you can also access those apps with swapping left on your device. 

To remove any application just tap to hold on to the application. After that, there will be an option that will arise on the screen called remove application, just press on it and your app will remove from the home page.

9. Manage application with app library

App library is one of the most important features in the iOS system. Not only for storing a removed application, but also to manage notifications of the application. This is also one of the needed tips for iOS device users. To enable the notification manage option open the Settings and then go to the home screen option. 

After that click on the show in-app library option. That’s it, your work is done. You can also hide any folder of the application or hide any widgets easily. App library also helps to install or delete apps directly on your device.

10. Customize the position of applications in alphabetical order

Manage all your installed application in alphabetical order. From the app library, you can store all the applications in a synchronized way in alphabetical order. One can also search for a particular app from the search bar option.


I hope these 10 iOS Home Screen Ideas and Customization Tips are going to be useful and fun for you. It may take some time to customize your device as per your preference completely. Apart from the given tips, there are also more features like app lock, smart lock, weather widgets, customized widgets, third-party widgets, and many more. Then go to the settings option of your device and explore many more options. Make your use more fun.

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