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What is Bartle Test – Gamer Psychology

We all want to be classified in every manner. Online, there are numerous personality tests available that we can take and get to know about ourselves. The Gamers, there is a quiz that is quite famous. The name of that quiz is the Bartle Test. This test helps you in putting yourself into one of the categories of players. There are four categories of the player in which it categorizes the individuals. This quiz is not only available for the Soul searching but also developers can take its benefits.

In 1996, there was a man named Richard A. Bartle.  He was the first person who classified the type of Gamers. Firstly, Richard studied the behavior of subjects in a multi-user Dungeon environment. Thereafter, he decided to categorize the players into four categories namely Achievers, Explorers, Socializers, and Killers.

There are several overlaps, outliers, and other odd little tidbits that play an important role in managing large groups. An individual who has ever played a multiplayer game can easily be categorized into one of the following gamer categories:

  • Killers are interested in acting and players
  • Achievers are interested in acting and world
  • Socializers are interested in interacting and players
  • Explorers are interested in interacting and world


Killers are always interested in the life of other individuals and their motives are also different. They usually prefer playing dangerous games. The usually search for games in which they can hunt and content with other people by themselves.


Achievers are the goal-oriented people having the motivation, power, and capability of completing all the objects in the game and get their thrill. Achievers are basically The Gamers who to give their best in getting the objective that the developer thinks of while creating the game. Mostly, achievers have MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy XIV in their checklist.


Socializers usually thrive in places where other individuals are also present. For the socializers, not only winning is important but also they always look for the chance of interacting with a human. Socializers consider the game has a platform through which they can easily meet and interact with the individuals having a common interest like them.


Finally, there are explorers. Explorers are quite tricky. Explorers do not stick to the game rules decided but always push their limits and make their own rules. Explorers always enjoy enjoying searching the glitches, bugs and the Easter Eggs that are hidden in the game. Every section of the Dungeon wall so that they can easily find the hidden Pathways and bugs that can help them in sleeping through.

Through the Bartle Test, the individuals get to know about their personalities in the game according to their preferences. In simple words, if an individual is considered as an achiever in the test then he is just like a diamond who always seeks treasure. On the other hand, explorers are the speeds who love digging around for getting more information. Additionally, socializers are the heart they always emphasize with other players and love the gathering. Finally, pillars are the clubs they hit people and love it

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